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Tekweni TV is a full service digital media facility.
We can work with you to create the best package to suit your needs and profile the finished product on a number of digital platforms to ensure your message reaches the target audience it is intended for.

For info on hosting your facility on multi platforms,
branding opportunities in sponsoring or co-sponsoring
a channel, branding/advertising opportunities on our
documentaries, contact us.     tekweni@iafrica.com


Our efficient and reliable duplication service will ensure you
receive high quality CD and DVD products. Our creative team
will design a label and dvd cover that will enhance and add
value to your product.T
o find out more     CLICK HERE.


We offer a comprehensive poduction service, covering a
whole spectrum of production needs from single to multi
camera set ups and aerial and underwater filming. Our
experienced production team of producers, scriptwriters,
editors and crew together with HD cameras and edit suites,
inhouse graphics and compositing guarantees an effective
and dynamic delivery of your message. With a string of
National and International awards and a portfolio of production
work ranging from streaming video clips to high-end Ads,
Promos and International Documentaries, our production
quality and versatility speak for themselves.

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Our professional photographers can shoot stock images for
your website, brochures, advertising, launches, events, tourism
infrastructure, etc.

CLICK HERE for example of our work.


We can take your product to a global market through
our Broadband TV Channel, www.satvchannel.com
and through your very own video platform on the internet.


Why do you need marketing, PR, reputation management,
branding and so forth? Because if you don't, your business
will stay the same forever. And that's not good. And remember
what Thomas Jefferson said:
"The man who stops advertising
to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time."


We transfer to and from broadcast and consumer formats and
standards, including HD. We encode to and from all video formats;
Quicktime, Flash video (FLV), MPEG, windows media (WMV) and
H264 being some of the most popular for video streaming on the


Needing a promo? We can create one for you and arrange to have it
screened on a network of platforms. Send us a brief and we will get in touch.


Are you visiting South Africa?
Our DVD's profiling South Africa's top tourist destinations
will help you plan your trip.  

Contact Details:
Tekweni TV Productions
(031) 261 2340 / (031) 2611034
7 Glenroy Rd
Manor Gardens

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